Refill service

We know that you've used your bean bags A LOT this year!

If your noomi needs a top up, we're full of beans and ready to service your bean bag.

The service is by appointment only, so please make a booking using the form below.

Cost: If your bean bag is a noomi, the service is free, you only need to pay for the beans.

Warehouse only special: Get your first 95L of beans FREE when purchasing a spare cover for your bean bag.

If your bean bag is from another brand, unfortunatelly we no longer offer this service, but you can still purchase our special beans and do it yourself.

Payment is required once the service is complete.

Important: For the best result, we recommend that you take off your bean bag cover, wash it and let it dry before your appointment.

Give your liner a vacuum to get rid of any dust that may have settled in over time.

Bring the liner and the cover to your appointment so we can fit the cover back on once the refill is done.

It is very important that you bring the cover with you as it helps us determine how much to fill the liner.

Please bear in mind that once the bean bag is full again it will take up more space in your car.

We also ask that you only come with one other person at most to your appointment, so we can stay COVID-safe.

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